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Pet Project Inc, Ottawa, IL

Squirrel started this conversation

Organization Name: Pet Project Inc

Function, Activity: Animal Protection and Welfare

Assets: $66,078

Income: $73,796

Contact Info:

Ottawa, IL 61350

Use Google to find website, phone, and email for this organization. Add the info you found as a comment under this post. This will help other visitors of this page. Thank you!


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i miss my dog
my dog went to pet project i had to give him away i loved him as much as i loved anyone else i am only 10 years old he was my 1st dog i had to give him away before bc my sis was havin a pool party and he was kinda a guard dog so he was barking at all the strangers so my neighbors called the police bc he was barking i was cryin really bad he was gone 4 about 1 year so one day we were comin back from a thanksgiving party and there was a dog in our yard my mom told us to stay away but my sis went by it anyway so he chased her in the back yard and i thought he was gonna bite me so i screamed and he ran inside he had a tumor in his stomach before so he got it removed we looked for the scarr and it was there and he was chipped so we got him checked and it was him we were so happy i did every thing with him even let him sleep with me at night he would sleep on my pillow get tucked in and it was time for bed i got scared in the middle of the night but he was there to protect me if u own a dog named sunny and u got him from pet project and hes a little puggle tell him hannah loves him im gonna stop typin bc im crying sunny i
Talk to i miss my dog